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Fine Line/Tiny Tattoos in Ayrshire

What is Fine line tattooing? This is as it sounds very fine lined tattoo designs which are generally done with a single needle or very small grouping of tattoo needles. It demands a lot of control, precision and delicacy. Pretty much most designs can be done finalise style, from scripts to celestial and all personal and bespoke to you if you have something in mind.

A bit about your artist! Angela has been a PMU artist since 2015 so knows her way around tattooing and in the most delicate of places PEOPLES FACES, this experience had led me to become a fine line tattoo artist.

Angela is an award winning PMU artist and always strives for the best for her clients, whether that’s the products used, equipment or the training you can rest easy knowing you will get the service you deserve The first step in creating your bespoke Fine line tattoo is to book a design consultation with Angela, we can put two heads together to develop an artistic plan to give the best design that aligns perfectly with your desired outcome and individuality!

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