Permanent Make Up Specialist in Kilmarnock

Looking for a permeant make up specialist in Kilmarnock?

I’m Angela at Uber Pigmentations, I use permanent make up to enhance your eyebrows. I also provide eyeliner enhancements and lip enhancements through my varied permanent make up techniques. Each technique used is bespoke for each client. I can help you with beautifully tinted and shaped lips, eyebrows or eyeliner.

Permanent make up can accentuate your facial features and add definition to the eyebrows and lips. Each appointment is tailored to your requirements and as a result, your results are unique to you and enhance YOUR individuality.

Permanent make up Kilmarnock
Permanent Eye Make Up Kilmarnock
Permanent Eyebrow Make Up Kilmarnock
Permanent Eyeliner Make Up Kilmarnock

See the Difference

Permanent Make Up is a perfect choice for:

  • People with Alopecia
  • Cancer patients
  • Any form of medical condition that causes hair loss
  • Cleft lip restoration
  • Any one who wants to add symmetry
  • Anybody looking to save time getting ready in the morning
  • Confidence boosting

Whether you are looking to replace lost eyebrows or enhance your natural lip line, permanent make up could very well be the solution to your problem.

Eyeliner: I offer many different eyeliner techniques from eyelash enhancements to winged and shaded. All custom for your face and eye shape. No more smudging or panda eyes, just bright eyed and fresh every day.

Lips: Lipstick bleeding, smudging, stuck to your teeth? Losing colour around the border? Cleft lip restoration or wanting a less peaked, more symmetrical lip? Well here is the answer, I offer 3D lip sculpting, lip blush, gloss and go techniques to compliment and have your skin tone glowing, saving you time and hassle. I’m here to provide you with tweaks required to improve your confidence and have you ready to gloss/go and boss the day without the inconvenience of constantly topping up your lipstick.

Brows: I offers many brow techniques and also specialises in brow correction work, so don’t feel helpless if you’ve had your brows done and don’t feel they make you happy, the solution is here. I offer natural techniques so our procedures look like they are not tattooed and complement your beauty.

LI-FT™: is a pigment lightening solution that safely removes unwanted pigment for permanent cosmetics including eyeliner or small areas with all natural ingredients, gently removing unwanted pigment. Price is approximately £50 per session.

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What clients say…

Why Choose Angela?

Enhance your Confidence

I offer a wide range of procedures to tweak and enhance thus increasing your self confidence. Not only that, I’m a trained practitioner in conscious bars and modalities to calm, sooth and quieten the chatter of the mind.

Enhance your Youth

I offer a wide range of treatments from skin boosting, plasma, skin rejuvenation, paramedical tattoos and permanent make up to name a few and proud to have won multiple awards.

Save Time and Money

Drawing in your brows, eyeliner and constant applications of lipstick take up valuable time, so does attending brow appointments and whilst these can be small increments over the space of 18 months plus add up to more than what it costs for the investment in permanent cosmetics.