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Million Dollar Medi+
Virtual Consultation

Are face masks causing your skin to break out? Maybe the heat from indoor heating is causing your skin to become dehydrated and lackluster? Give your skin a lockdown rescue with a Medi+ Ritual that is recommended for YOUR skin concerns. Book a virtual consultation with me, Angela, to find the perfect Medi+ Ritual for you.

Medi+ Rituals

What Happens During A Medi+ Virtual Consultation?

During you’re virtual consultation, we’ll discuss your lifestyle, current skincare routine, diet and any other aspects of your life that could have an effect on your skin’s health.

From there, we will discuss your individual concerns and the best products to help overcome those issues. Once we have a Medi+ Ritual plan set out, I will order your products to be delivered to your house*.

Medi+ Virtual Consultation Angela at Uber Pigmentations

Angela Paterson of Uber Pigmentations 2020/21 Million Dollar System Technician Of The Year

*Please note, Medi+ Rituals can only be ordered by an approved Medi+ Skin Practitioner. Medi+ Virtual Consultations cost £10 which will be deducted from purchase total on orders placed within 24 hrs of consultation.

High Street vs Professional

High Street


  • Beautiful packaging
  • Added fragrances/colouring/parabens
  • Purchase by anyone
  • High molecular weight (doesn’t penetrate the skin)
  • Very low % of active ingredients
  • Unbalanced PH



  • Found in clinics
  • Will not be sold without consultation
  • PH Balanced
  • High % of active ingredients
  • Lower molecular weight (deeper skin penetration) to treat skin
  • Value for money

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